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Spacious Connection

Each piece in this collection measures 19.5" x 27.5" and draws inspiration from a concept found in the philosophical writings of Arthur Schopenhauer. According to this concept, every stage of life corresponds to a celestial body in the solar system, influencing one another and shaping our destiny.

For instance, at age 10, humans are guided by Mercury, adapting swiftly to their surroundings like the messenger god. By 20, Venus influences love and relationships, while Mars brings strength and assertiveness at 30, marking the onset of goals and ambition. At 40, life broadens with practicality taking precedence, influenced by the four asteroids. Jupiter brings a sense of authority and advantage at 50, and by 60, Saturn brings a sense of heaviness and resilience.

To reflect the theme of the connection between humans and nature, I applied colors with pastels and used my fingers to blend them layer by layer. This process allowed the delicate gradients to merge with the warmth of the human body, symbolizing the intertwining of nature and humanity.

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