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Mute Chaos: The Conflict of Id and Ego

As an artist, I truly believe that honest art only comes from real feelings. I have been trying to record my emotions and to explore the truth of life through art. My work is inspired by Sigmund Freud’s theory, which suggests one’s psyche can be divided into id and ego. Because of the internal conflicts I have been experiencing under different circumstances throughout my life, sometimes I feel that I am composed of two selves, which I named id and ego. Id is the emotional self, who urges every desire to be satisfied. On the other hand, Ego is the rational self, who is calm and realistic. Therefore, I created this series of 10 pastel drawings, "Mute Chaos: The Conflict of Id and Ego", which depicts the psychological state of my mind at different moments. I chose chalk pastel because it gives me a sensation of touch and allows me to express my emotions more delicately as well as energetically. Not only does pastel gives me the freedom to vent my feelings on the paper, but it also stimulates my senses, especially when it sometimes breaks as if this results from the conflicts in my art.

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