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All in Me


3D Installation, 30 animations, sound

5000x6000px, 30fps

37’’ Loop


All in Me is a digital painting composed of 30 fragments, each corresponding to 30 symbolic time-nodes that have continued to circulate and in-breathe in Liu's life from 1991 to 2021. The dialogue of life unfolding around life, wisdom and emotion is scattered in each corner. From these dots, the ‘I-am’ of the moment, the ‘I-am’ of the now, or the ‘I-am’ of the future are established. As for Yadi, "the most important machine in the digital age is not its computer, but its clock, which is the bitcoin. Time is the only 'reality' that connects us to the virtual world. Everything we see, whether online or offline, is piled up by time. So too is the human being, the result of myriad time-chains beneath the surface not of mere appearances. Even the interior of appearances is also in constant motion. I use 'I' as a carrier to detach these times into different fragments, to interpret time, appearances and virtual reality in a manner that I do." The overall imagery consists of three main parts: time, the human body and the face, forging the structure of pictures-in-picture.


My body, life, breath

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