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1626 INTERVIEW (2012)

Cutting-edge Artist, Yadi Liu

I am Yadi Liu, an illustrator working with VOGUE and 1626 Magazine, and a junior student at SFAI (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute) as well currently. I born from Szechuan, China. Like all the fashion, photography, movies and music, especially fond of quirky and colorful gadgets.

When I was a child, I was influenced by my father's paintings. I fell in love with fine arts and started to paint women and costumes. I like to see the beauties wear gorgeous outfits, then make it as my own arts. I have never thought about drawing pictures could be my real career. It is the happiest thing I've always been dreaming.

Although the current mainstream more prefers the tablet for illustration, as far as I am concerned, I'd love to use traditional materials more. It makes me feel the romance between me and the paper, which is closer to the art itself.

For my last VOGUE project, which made me more confirm as an illustrator in the future. Thanks for the super supportive VOGUE costume channel editor and Interactive Director Yin Chao. Give me lots of freedom for creativity.

The first project 5 Courtiers VOGUE Editors, I added the iconic appearance symbol on each character. Such as Anna's fur, Yu Zhang's oriental rhythm, and Carine's classic smoky makeup. Even some animals and architectures are the main elements of my piece. Since each country's VOGUE has different cultures and fashion sense. Later, The second VOGUE project Special Evening Dress Guide, I wanted to express more of the body lines and dress texture of women, the entire evening collection is emphasizing elegance.

As a post-90s artist, I am honored to be new energy on this generation. I think nowadays, society needs some fresh blood, especially in the art field.